Video Production / Animation / Video Analytics

Our experienced in-house production team are a trusted source for working on TV commercials, high-end corporate films, music videos and animation.

For productions that require more, we have great relationships with the best the industry has to offer. No matter what your budget, we’ll find a solution that gives you the best possible product without cutting corners.

Because our post-production team are all in-house too, we can stretch your budget even further with the addition of top quality broadcast colour grading, motion graphics, animation and visual effects. Take a look at our work here.


TV Commercial

Our TV Commercial credits include My Protein, Zavvi and Edge Hill University, and we work with world class directors to take your project from concept to production and broadcast. So if the world of TV commercials is still new to you, we’ll guide you through from start to finish and make it easy for you to get up to speed. 

Corporate Film

‘Corporate’ has become a bit of an unpopular term, associated with old fashioned techniques and dull content. But they don’t have to be that way. We love them, and are challenging this conception with professional, modern, stylish corporate videos for all kinds of organisations. We dig deep to get to the roots of the message with a film thats highly creative, memorable and entirely unique to you.

Filmic Documentary

Our filmic documentary style is captivating and informative. By combining natural interviews with cinematic cut-away shots we help the viewer connect more deeply with the topic and the people in the film.

This style is perfect for any project that needs to deliver detailed information whilst retaining a personal touch. Adding motion graphics to the editorial style can also make it easier for the viewer retain key facts, whilst creating a film that remains pleasurable to watch and compelling from start to finish.

Event Video

We’ve created all kinds of videos especially for screening at events, and delivered video production to document live events themselves. The logistical challenge of events and making sure everything runs smoothly can be tough enough, but you can rely on us to make sure any video requirements are well taken care of.

Education Video

We’ve worked with a large number of educational institutions, including universities, colleges and schools. Productions created for these clients include just about every kind of video and animation, and it’s a sector we know inside out, from departments such as student recruitment to wider participation and Knowledge Transfer.

Video is also a great method for universities to keep a record, whether it’s focusing on a particular department, sharing new research or giving a general overview to new students.



Animations are a brilliant way to visually entertain, educate and explain. The right script can be brought to life in any number of illustrative styles, from quirky, scribbly characters, to clean icons and graphic text, and anything in between. In fact there’s literally nothing you can’t do and no location you can’t explore, allowing you a simple and effective way to give viewers a strong emotional connection with plenty of easy to absorb information. And since production isn’t affected by unpredictable things like the weather, it’s a controllable and powerful medium that gives a great return on investment.

Our experienced in-house motion graphics team are passionate about what they do, and will craft your graphics to the very highest standard. From the initial design to the technical production, we’ll hone your message for maximum impact and work with any existing brand guidelines to deliver results that make a real impact.

CMFT Research


Make your video content work harder

One of video marketing’s biggest challenges is working out what kind of content your audience will find valuable, and then creating compelling videos that will keep them engaged. Measuring your video’s view count is important, but that metric alone doesn’t dictate success. You can get a much clearer picture of how your videos are performing if you can demonstrate that you’re reaching the right audience and that your videos are generating leads.

Smart hosting

We can host your video on a system that provides us with detailed analytics about your viewers, showing us which parts of the video are watched most, skipped or rewatched. This information enables us to have an overall view of what your audience find engaging, and which content generates leads.

Generate leads

Using call to action and email subscription boxes, your video content can directly expand your mailing list and increase conversion rates.

Responsive Service

We can provide a responsive service where we continue to modify and develop your online video content to achieve the best results, even after it has been shared online. We can help you develop your video marketing strategy, based on intelligent, real time information about the effectiveness of your video content.


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