Seveer Stuart Reeves

Animated Video Production Case Study - ITV - "Animals Do The Funniest Things"

ITV approached us to create a simple map animation for their series of 'Animals Do The Funniest Things'. This was a quick turnaround job and they were amazed at what we did in the time given. The video footage sent was very low res but we have mixed it with our map animation so you can see how it was viewed in the program.

All aspects of the job produced in-house
Marketing Video Production Case Study - Vermillion

Vermillion Restaurant - Promo

DSLR Film for Beautiful Restaurant

Professional Video Production Case Studies - Seveer Reels 2010

Seveer Reels 2010

Our 2010 Motion & Filmed Reels

Animation Video Production Case Study - Rapport

Rapport - "Dealmakers Awards 2010"

Event Motion Graphics