Seveer Stuart Reeves

Website Video Production Case Study - Return On Digital - Promo

Our friends at Return on Digital were looking to create some case studies to show prospective new clients the returns they gain for their existing clients. The problem with most case studies is that they can be quite boring and not very watchable, so we created a visual device in keeping with their brand for delivering supporting text information. We all know that in any situation we generally remember 90% of what we see and hear at the same time but only about 10% of what we just hear, so this added some extra value to the project too. Just goes to show, quick and easy jobs can still look great.

All aspects of the job produced in-house
Documentary Video Production Case Study - Brian Cox Lecture

Brian Cox Lecture and Interview

Short Documentary

Professional Video Production Case Study - Salford University

Salford University - "Student Life"

Motion Graphics

Corporate Video Production Case Study - YSes

YSes - 3D Animation

3D Animation