Seveer Stuart Reeves

Commercial Video Production Case Study - A Day at the Trafford Centre

We were approached to make a new film for the Trafford Centre to promote the Trafford Quays Leisure Village and the Trafford Centre to potential customers looking to have a great day out. The main task was to promote the Trafford Centre, Legoland Discovery Centre, Chill Factore, and Premiere Inn. The film would first be shown at a Trade Show, and the stand was designed to look like a cinema.

We had seen the previous versions of this type of film produced for the Trafford Centre, but felt that a totally new way of producing them could really show off the qualities the Trafford Centre brand already had. We wanted to show off the attention to detail, and show how the Trafford Centre is prepared everyday for the arrival of its guests. We also wanted to create a magical atmosphere and show it off at its best. For this we filmed it all in a cinematic style almost like a 'Film Title Sequence' with additional text to spell out key parts.

Take a look at the results, but we are very happy and the client loved it.

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